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This is one of the best teeter training designs available!  This teeter will lay completely flat (for beginner dogs) and can be raised in small increments to regulation height.  If you dog is having trouble with the teeter this is the base for you.  This teeter kit is made  1 1/4" PVC and comes with all hardware needed.  You will have to purchase the plank (teeter board) and paint supplies from your local hardware store.  Easy to follow instructions are included.


Teeter Base  Kit -    $94.98



The teeter-totter (or seesaw) and the weave poles are the most challenging obstacles to teach, the first because many dogs are wary of the board's movement, and the second because it is not a behavior that they would do naturally over a series of 12 poles. However, it can also be challenging to train the dog to perform its contact obstacles in a manner that ensures that they get paws into the contact zone without sacrificing speed.              ....

Agility supplies/ala carte items:

Our  Kits contain  the "hard to find items" for  building  dog agility equipment.  Easy to follow instructions make building your dog agility equipment Fast, Fun & Easy!

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